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another, all X motion is in the same direction, as is all Y motion. The direction is determined by the sign of the difference (DX and DYj be-tween the ending and the starting positions. DX=X3- Yl. DY = Y3-Yl. 4. Calculate the difference be-tween the absolute values of DX and DY. This determines FXY, a variable which is used to control

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What you can also do is a linear interpolation and an extrapolation of the points next two the value that you are looking for. And then add the two or three value that you have, and divide them by the number of values that you have. This will give on average a better result then a linear interpolation.

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Apr 20, 2020 · Linear Interpolation. Linear interpolation involves figuring out the equation of a straight line between data points. ... Entering x or y as two dimensional items or ...

interpolating polynomial of the data (x 0;y 0), (x 1;y 1), :::, (x n;y n). At rst, we will assume that the interpolation points are all distinct; this assumption will be relaxed in a later lecture. If the interpolation points x 0;:::;x n are distinct, then the process of nding a polynomial that passes through the points (x i;y Let's say you have two points: #(x,y)# co-ordinates. An equation of the line will be of the form #y=m*x+b# where #m=# the slope and #b=# the so-called #y-# intercept. Example: Let's take #(-6,0)# and #(4,5)# graph{0.5x+3 [-9.61, 12.89, -2.795, 8.455]} Then first we determine the slope #m# Difference in #y=Deltay=5-0=5# Difference in #x=Deltax=4 ...

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